Biyadhoo Snorkeling – Sep 2012

Biyadhoo was the 3rd island we visited in September 2012. We were looking for a cheap 11 night getaway and chose one of the most basic/rustic islands in the Maldives. I’d done a lot of research on the island on the Maldives Forum on Tripadvisor under my name (MaldivesDreamer) and quickly realised that this island would be ‘back to basics’ with a canteen style restaurant, only 1 bar and no Maldivian luxuries. however the reef was meant to be amazing, so I booked it. The reef was impressive, but the visibility was quite poor when we visited, making it all the more difficult to get those pictures I wanted! We saw a good variety of fish, but really hard to search hard to see the big stuff, like sharks, turtles and rays etc. Maybe they were on holiday at a different island 🙂 We had a fantastic time at Biyadhoo and would go again for the reef. We have certainly seen better reefs such as Vilamendhoo and Athuruga, but for a cheap holiday Biyadhoo was worthwhile.


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