Clams (Tridacna)

I love the stunning colour of clams, especially the vivid blue clams.  The larger the clam the more impressive. I saw a documentary called ‘pacific’ a six-part series which had a short clip about a protected reef called Kingman reef with an abundance of clams and huge giant clams. Unfortunately only research scientists are allowed to visit, but at least that keeps the reef safe and protected.

I have seen some pretty large clams, but I am still to see a huge giant clam. Can you spot which photos are the larger clams below?

The Tridacna genus contains two subgenera and the following species:

Subgenus Tridacna (Tridacna):

  • Tridacna derasa
  • Tridacna Gigas
  • Tridacna Tevoroa

Subgenus Tridacna (Chametrachea)

  • Tridacna Costata
  • Tridacna Crocea
  • Tridacna Maxima
  • Tridacna Rosewateri
  • Tridacna Squamosa

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