Moray Eels

Moray eels (Muraenidae) tend to instill fear in people due to their sharp needle-like teeth and snake-like appearance, however I have always found them to be shy creatures that always retreat into the reef to hide. I have read some scary stories in scuba-diving magazines about divers who have been attacked by them, but I have never experienced any problems with this fascinating creatures. I have always found that if you respect them and don’t touch, they too will reciprocate and leave you alone.

Biyadhoo had a vast array of moray eels and giant eels that were constantly swimming in the open, which I loved as I was able to take lots of photos. Vilamendhoo had the largest range of moray eel species, including a pale white moray eel, however due to the stunning plate coral at Vilamendhoo, it probably also created more places for them to hide 🙂


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