Whaleshark trip – Vilamendhoo 2011

We were fortunate enough to see 4x Whalesharks during our trip in 2011. It was an amazing experience to begin with as we were the only boat on the scene. We swam with one large whaleshark for a longtime, until an additional 11 boats turned up and hounded it. A group of Chinese tourists who couldn’t swim, jumped in the water with life jackets, but as they couldn’t swim they kept their heads above the water and just kept flailing around in the water violently kicking their fins. Eventually one of them kicked the whaleshark and it swam off. It was a sad end to the trip seeing so many boats hound one creature.


2 thoughts on “Whaleshark trip – Vilamendhoo 2011”

  1. It is one of my dream, being able to dive or snorkel and see some whale sharks. it is quite sad when people cannot respect the wildlife and when everything is sort of a business…

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