I am the original MaldivesDreamer, spending my days at work in a haze dreaming about going to the Maldives. I suspect others are inflicted with the same obsessive behavior inspiring others to copy my username too!

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

I have always had a fascination with beautiful islands with turquoise lagoons, amazing coral reefs and stunning white sands. I seriously started getting obsessed with going to the Maldives during my PhD studies when I was 25 and this is when I came up with the name ‘MaldivesDreamer’ all those years ago. I wanted to book a holiday on my credit card but my other half sensibly said no. I bought a lonely planet book and read it over and over again, until finally aged 30 I went! I have been back every year since, so 4 times in 4 years. I am of course hoping to return this year.

I am 33 year old female from Manchester, UK and also love underwater photography. I think I am obsessed with the Maldivian coral reef and all those stunning coloured fish!

You can also find me under the username ‘MaldivesDreamer’ on TripAdvisor, SmugMug, Pinterest, YouTube etc




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Dreaming of Underwater Paradise, Turquoise Waters, Idyllic White Sands

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