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Triggerfish of the Maldives

I have previously wrote about Triggerfish and their undeserved reputation for being overly aggressive which you can read here:

After seeing 10 different species in the Maldives I conclude that they are not aggressive unless you accidentally swim into their nesting ground at certain times of the year.

I have seen 4 species of triggerfish at all the Maldivian islands I have been to plus others, however this year at Kuramathi I saw 2 new species! I photographed the following new species whilst snorkeling the house reef:

1. Wedge-tail Triggerfish

2. Boomerang Triggerfish

This brings the total number of triggerfish I have seen in the Maldives to 10!



Maldivian Marine Angelfish

Marine Angelfish are one of my favourite fish due to their vivid colour. The Marine Angelfish family contains seven genera and approximately 86 species. My personal favourites are the Emperor, Blue-faced and Regal Angelfish.

Here are some pics from my last 4 trips to the Maldives (Kuramathi, Vilamendhoo, Biyadhoo and Athuruga).

Blue-faced Angelfish

Emperor Angelfish (& 1 Juvenille Emperor)

Regal Angelfish


Moray Eels

Moray eels (Muraenidae) tend to instill fear in people due to their sharp needle-like teeth and snake-like appearance, however I have always found them to be shy creatures that always retreat into the reef to hide. I have read some scary stories in scuba-diving magazines about divers who have been attacked by them, but I have never experienced any problems with this fascinating creatures. I have always found that if you respect them and don’t touch, they too will reciprocate and leave you alone.

Biyadhoo had a vast array of moray eels and giant eels that were constantly swimming in the open, which I loved as I was able to take lots of photos. Vilamendhoo had the largest range of moray eel species, including a pale white moray eel, however due to the stunning plate coral at Vilamendhoo, it probably also created more places for them to hide 🙂

Athuruga Snorkeling – Honeymoon May 2013

After visiting 3 previous islands, we were looking for that ultimate wow factor for our Honeymoon! I had read that Athuruga had the one of the best house reefs in the Maldives and that combined with Stunning white water villas made this the perfect island to enjoy our honeymoon. We had never stayed in a water villa before and were glad we had saved the special experience for this occassion. The reef was stunning, we had a few days where the visibility was disappointingly low, but overall we saw some amazing underwater life whilst snorkeling. Unfortunately we hadn’t finished our BSAC open water dives, so were unable to do any proper diving in Athuruga.  However Andreas was a great instructor and did take us for a long introductory dive which was great.


Biyadhoo Snorkeling – Sep 2012

Biyadhoo was the 3rd island we visited in September 2012. We were looking for a cheap 11 night getaway and chose one of the most basic/rustic islands in the Maldives. I’d done a lot of research on the island on the Maldives Forum on Tripadvisor under my name (MaldivesDreamer) and quickly realised that this island would be ‘back to basics’ with a canteen style restaurant, only 1 bar and no Maldivian luxuries. however the reef was meant to be amazing, so I booked it. The reef was impressive, but the visibility was quite poor when we visited, making it all the more difficult to get those pictures I wanted! We saw a good variety of fish, but really hard to search hard to see the big stuff, like sharks, turtles and rays etc. Maybe they were on holiday at a different island 🙂 We had a fantastic time at Biyadhoo and would go again for the reef. We have certainly seen better reefs such as Vilamendhoo and Athuruga, but for a cheap holiday Biyadhoo was worthwhile.

Vilamendhoo Snorkeling – Sep 2011

Vilamendhoo was the 2nd island we visited in Sep 2011. We were looking for an affordable island with a great coral reef and this island fit the bill. In fact it is still up there with the best Maldivian reefs we have seen to date! The island isn’t the most romantic and it can feel slightly over crowded (only by Maldivian standards), with some ugly erosion. But the reef makes up for anything lacking above water. We loved the plate coral on this island – simply stunning.