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Kuramathi Diving Dec 2014

We love the Maldives and snorkeling and this year decided to do some scuba diving. We only managed to do 6 dives as kuramathi dive prices are extortionate. It was $100+ per dive on average with kit and boat fees. Most places around the world do discounts if you do 3 dives in a day, but not at Kuramathi! So for 2 of us to do 3 dives in a day was approx. $600!

The dive centre weren’t particular friendly either. The Maldivian dive leader was the most helpful and the tall blonde hair lad was OK, as was the UK girl, but the rest were pretty rude.

Even diving the local housereef was $100 – crazy! So we mainly stuck to snorkeling which was equally as good and you can find my snorkeling pictures on my previous post here:

So we did the following dives:

1. Fan Reef
2. Veligandu East
3. Hammerhead Point – didn’t see any
4. HafzaThila
5. Mayaa Thila
6. North Channel (Manta point) – saw 1 on deco stop for a few seconds